ANDREACHING.com works with and represents design and lifestyle companies interested in capturing business in North America. 

Andrea Ching, the founder, is a design market professional with a passion for good design and an ability to spot companies that have foundations for success. She has a wide range of experience in sales, marketing strategy and merchandising, with a long history of connecting the dots, being a loyal brand ambassador and working with companies in order to advance their businesses. Her hands-on approach focuses on achieving broad results, while optimizing the details and daily operations for North America. ANDREACHING.com offers international brands who have a successful strategy,  a path to achieving success in the ever-changing tides of the North American market.

Brands and designers that Andrea has worked with include: David Trubridge, Cerno Group, Leibal, GENEVA, Samuel Moyer, Tanya Aguiniga, Matt Gagnon, RS-Barcelona, Urbancase, M.R.K.T, Andrew Riiska, 100XBetter, Zuzunaga, Ango, Tres Tintas, Melanie Abrantes, K-Way, Crafted Systems, Anon Peirot, Modfire, Heimplanet, Zee-Dog, HEX, Native Union, DLP, Bucketfeet, Eric Slayton, RESQ/CO, Lerival and Skram Furniture.


Previously, Andrea was a founding partner of Flagship and Ford&Ching. She was the driving force behind their emphases on fostering emerging designers and brands. Her direction laid the groundwork for brands rooted in one channel to expand their horizons into others and provided them the means to bring their products to market. A number of independent brands doing exciting things today got their start while represented by or consulting with Andrea.

Andrea was also a Director of Buying for Design Within Reach and introduced a number of designs that are mainstays of the assortment today. Prior to that, she was instrumental in developing Arkitektura In Situ's Bay Area presence wearing every hat they had available from vendor management, importing, showroom management, sales and interiors.

Andrea was born in Los Angeles, has lived in the Bay Area and New York city and currently lives and works in downtown Los Angeles.